Ben Carson Was Sued Six Times for Medical Malpractice

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Photo of surgeryAfter attending Yale and the University of Michigan School of Medicine, Ben Carson quickly rose through the ranks and was named director of pediatric neurosurgery at Johns Hopkins at age 33, making him the youngest director ever appointed at that hospital. He came under the spotlight in 1987 when he became the first surgeon to separate twins who were conjoined at the head. He resigned in 2013, saying “I’d much rather quit when I’m at the top of my game.”

Carson has been relying heavily on his reputation as a brain surgeon during his Presidential campaign, but records show that the Republican candidate’s history is not without its flaws. Multiple publications have released information on a number of medical malpractice suits against Carson going back to the 1980’s.

Carson has been sued at least six times. According to one lawsuit, Carson allegedly botched an operation to replace a shunt in a 9-year-old’s brain. She was temporarily paralyzed, and permanently disfigured.

Another suit claimed Carson ruptured the eardrums of a patient and then left a sponge in her skull. He later allegedly claimed it was a tumor.

Other suits against him have claimed he improperly placed a shunt, performed an unnecessary surgery on a woman with multiple sclerosis, and accidentally paralyzed a teenager with dwarfism from the waist down.

Perhaps the most outspoken of his critics is Karly Bailey, 27, who filed a lawsuit in 2009 regarding an operation she had when she was 7. Carson allegedly failed to appropriately remove a tumor and place a shunt.

When asked about her thoughts on Carson and his Presidential campaign, Bailey replied: “The truth will set Dr. Carson free. He should take full responsibility for his actions, which absolutely destroyed my life.”

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