How to Avoid Being in a Truck Accident

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Photo of truck accidentTruck accidents almost always result in injuries, which isn’t too much of a surprise considering just how large some of these big rigs are. Probably the best way to prevent an accident is to know a little bit more about trucks and their operators. Listed below is some useful information that should go a long way towards helping you avoid being in a truck accident.

  • Wide Turns – Big trucks make big turns; remember that. One of the most common types of accidents between trucks and smaller cars occurs when a driver tries to get around a truck that is in the middle of a turn.
  • Passing – As mentioned above, don’t try to pass a truck that is turning. Try to pass a truck on the right side since the left is typically full of blind spots. In addition, after passing, make sure to give trucks plenty of space before turning back in front of them. Fully loaded trucks can sometimes take as much as 300 yards to come to a complete stop from 60mph.
  • Blind Spots – Trucks have a number of very large blind spots. This makes it difficult for a truck driver to see everything going on around him. Don’t tempt fate by hanging around in one of these areas truck drivers have difficulty seeing, including most of the right side of the trailer, and as much as 10 car lengths.
  • Tire Blowouts – Have you ever been on the road and seen those large pieces of rubber? Those are from a truck blowout, which is more common than you probably think. Make sure to always give trucks a good amount of room. You wouldn’t want to be too close when a tire blows out and heavy rubber shrapnel shoots in your direction.
  • Blow Overs – Trucks with trailers attached are actually prone to being blown over in high winds. Being on the wrong side of that could lead to a crushing realization that you shouldn’t dawdle next to trucks. Even if the truck does not tip over, strong winds can make it very difficult to control a big rig.

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