Could This App Save You from a Car Accident?

Posted on December 30, 2016 at 12:00pm by

Close-up car accidentThese days, smartphones have a bad reputation when it comes to car accidents and drivers’ safety. Distracted driving is one of the most common causes of fatal crashes, and phones are to blame for a large portion of those incidents. However, one technology company is working to turn the smartphone into an important tool for preventing accidents.

The Israel startup, Nexar, has created a mobile app that will bring advanced safety software to the masses. The phone sits on the dash. It uses the camera, accelerometer and gyroscope that are built into most smartphones to gather data on the road. It then uses machine learning to analyze the information and determine if the car is entering a dangerous situation. If an accident is about to happen, the app will warn the driver. The more data the program gathers, the better it will become at making these kinds of predictions. The hope is that eventually the software will be able to prevent most collisions before they ever happen.

Can Connected Cars and Machine Learning Prevent Car Accidents?

The technology is somewhat controversial in that it relies on data from all its users. The program will share information on your driving habits with its database to help provide better service to other drivers. This kind of process has great potential for safety, but some might also see it as a privacy concern.

The app has been released all over the world, but it is especially effective in New York City and San Francisco, where the company has enabled cars with the app to communicate with each other. This will allow cars to share data and help prevent car accidents. It will also tell other drivers if you are in trouble on the road, so that someone can potentially come to help you.

As programs like this become more popular and more data becomes available, it is possible that most fatal accidents could become a thing of the past. Someday, technologies like this one might feel as normal as seatbelts.

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