A Woman Broadcasted Herself Driving Under the Influence Live on Periscope

Posted on October 21, 2015 at 11:32am by

Photo of courtroomA Florida woman announced to the masses over the live streaming app, Periscope, last week that she was very, very drunk. Seems harmless enough right? However, it is far less humorous when you learn that she was broadcasting herself live while driving under the influence.

The woman admitted to being extremely intoxicated while she was recording herself driving, which rightfully had more than one viewer concerned. Multiple 911 calls reporting the woman to authorities were made by online witnesses.

Viewers watched as the 23-year-old drove around saying that she was lost and asking “Where am I right now, people?” She continued saying “I have to go home” and added that she believed she was driving with at least one flat tire.

When the police finally caught up with her she ran up on a curb as she was pulling over. Police quickly saw that the car did in fact have a flat. When they approached the vehicle they stated that they smelled alcohol immediately. Authorities also noted that the woman was slurring her words and seemed to be disoriented.

After she refused a breathalyzer and failed field sobriety tests, the officers arrested her for driving under the influence.

“The Lakeland Police Department is extremely thankful that this did not result in an accident and no one was injured as a result of her poor decision,” authorities said in a public statement before adding that they hope that the Periscope video may actually have some silver lining as it shows the real dangers of driving under the influence. It is easy to see from the video that it was likely only a matter of time before the driver hurt either herself or someone else.

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