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Do Children with Cerebral Palsy Need Support?

Cerebral palsy may refer to a group of neurological disorders caused by a brain malformation or injury while the brain is still developing. Birth injuries can cause cerebral palsy. Illnesses during pregnancy may also lead to the disorder. Your child could require varying levels and types of support if they have cerebral palsy. Types of support may include: An individualized education program (IEP): If your child is enrolled in a public school, they may require an IEP, also called an individualized education program. This is where you work with school administrators, special education workers and other parties to develop a plan that helps your child meet his or her educational goals. Assistive technologies: Your child could require certain types of assistive technologies. These could help your child communicate, dress themselves, move around, type, write or hear. Caregivers: Some cases of cerebral palsy are severe. Your child could need around-the-clock care…
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What Are Possible Examples of Nursing Home Malpractice?

Individuals with severe disabilities and the elderly rely on nursing homes to provide assistance for everyday activities. While nurses in these facilities provide a commendable service, there are cases where they harm patients. Possible acts of negligence committed nurses in these facilities may include: Medication errors: Nursing home patients typically require doses of prescription and over-the-counter medications. However, nurses can make mistakes while providing these drugs. Medication errors could include providing too high or too low of a dosage. A nurse may also provide the wrong type of medication. Lack of supervision: Some patients may have certain health conditions that warrant additional supervision and services. For example, if a patient is a fall risk, then certain precautions could be put in place to protect his or her safety. Other patients could have heart conditions that require around-the-clock monitoring. If patients are not supervised, they could be harmed. Failing to provide…
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Is Route 130 a Hotspot for New Jersey Pedestrian Accidents? has published an article that discusses why Route 130 is the most dangerous road in New Jersey for pedestrians. The Tri-State Transportation Campaign, a nonprofit organization that analyzes transportation trends, has consistently ranked Route 130 as the deadliest road for pedestrians in the state. Route 130, which runs from Pennsville Township to Brunswick Township, is notorious for lacking the infrastructure pedestrians need to avoid being hit by vehicles. According to, a majority of pedestrian accidents along Route 130 occur in Burlington County. Along Route 130 Burlington County, you can find schools, businesses and bus stops, all of which cause heavy foot traffic. Pedestrians may need to use Route 130, but the infrastructure needed to ensure they can travel safely is nonexistent. Two dozen pedestrians have died on Route 130 over the past five years. Victims include a 53-year-old Burlington County woman who was hit and dragged by two…
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