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What You Need to Know About the Three Types of Defective Product Liability Claims

  While there are a wide variety of defective product liability claims they usually can be put into three categories. Knowing about these categories can help you determine if you have a claim. Manufacturing Defect The first and most commonly considered claims are from defective manufacturing. This is when there was a mistake while the product was being built. This can be as simple as a car at a factory installed with a faulty airbag. That car could be sold to someone who is seriously injured in a car accident because of the defective airbags. That person would not have the injuries if the car had an airbag that worked correctly. Design Defect The second category is when the design of a product is defective. In this situation, every product has been built properly according to the directions. At first, this may look like a great collection, but sometimes the plans…
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How Are Emergency Room Medical Malpractice Cases Different?

If you have been injured due to emergency room medical malpractice, it can be difficult to know who is at fault. First responders, ER doctors and the hospital itself each play a part. Understanding their individual roles can help determine who may be liable. Who is at Fault? First responder crews may be protected from lawsuits by certain laws. Most states, including NJ, have these laws to safeguard the way emergency services are run. However, these crews can still be held responsible for causing you undue harm. To be liable, they need to have been intentionally reckless. For emergency room personnel, normal medical malpractice rules are used. Put simply, if a doctor makes a mistake that a different doctor in the same situation would not make, then the doctor who made the error could be liable. Usually, the doctor needs to have made a severe mistake to be found liable…
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How Is the HERO Campaign Helping to Prevent Drunk Driving?

Recently, New Jersey 101.5 reported on the John R. Elliott HERO Campaign for Designated Drivers and its new effort to prevent drunk driving in New Jersey. The family of John R. Elliott created the HERO Campaign after John was the victim in a deadly drunk driving accident in 2000. As part of the HERO Campaign’s latest effort to keep drunk drivers off New Jersey’s roads, they have launched a program to provide designated drivers with a digital ID card that they can show at bars in New Jersey to receive free non-alcoholic drinks. Is the HERO Campaign Planning to Use ‘Mocktails’ and Uber Discounts to Prevent Drunk Driving? In addition to rewarding designated drivers with free, non-alcoholic drinks, other programs that the HERO Campaign has in the works, include: Uber Partnership – HERO Campaign has partnered with Uber to help keep drunk drivers off the roads. So far, over 1,500…
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