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How Is the HERO Campaign Helping to Prevent Drunk Driving?

Recently, New Jersey 101.5 reported on the John R. Elliott HERO Campaign for Designated Drivers and its new effort to prevent drunk driving in New Jersey. The family of John R. Elliott created the HERO Campaign after John was the victim in a deadly drunk driving accident in 2000. As part of the HERO Campaign’s latest effort to keep drunk drivers off New Jersey’s roads, they have launched a program to provide designated drivers with a digital ID card that they can show at bars in New Jersey to receive free non-alcoholic drinks. Is the HERO Campaign Planning to Use ‘Mocktails’ and Uber Discounts to Prevent Drunk Driving? In addition to rewarding designated drivers with free, non-alcoholic drinks, other programs that the HERO Campaign has in the works, include: Uber Partnership – HERO Campaign has partnered with Uber to help keep drunk drivers off the roads. So far, over 1,500…
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What Should I Do If My Loved One Is Killed in an Escalator Accident?

Per the Tribeca Patch, the family of the woman who died in an escalator accident while inside the Oculus, which is the World Trade Center’s transportation hub, is considering filing a wrongful death lawsuit against the Port Authority. We reported on the Oculus escalator accident in February. The woman was killed when she fell off the escalator while reaching for her sister’s hat, which had just fallen. After falling off the escalator, the woman fell another 30 feet before crashing on the main concourse. She was taken to Bellevue Hospital, where she was later pronounced dead. Why Is the Family Considering a Lawsuit? The Port Authority owns and operates the Oculus facility. The family has hired an attorney to investigate the incident to determine whether negligence led to the woman’s death. If so, the family could hold the Port Authority accountable for their loved one’s death. However, the Port Authority…
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Will Lowering the Speed Limit in School Zones Help Keep Kids Safe?

Last month, a New Jersey Assembly committee advanced a bill that could lower the speed limit in school zones statewide. New Jersey 101.5 reported on the possible law change, including whether it would help make the roads around schools safer for kids. How Is This Bill Different from Current Laws That Lower the Speed Limit in School Zones? Under the proposed law change, counties and municipalities could implement permanent lower speed limits in school zones. This would differ from the current law, which only enables speed limits in school zones to be lower at certain times of the day when school is in session. In addition to municipalities and counties, the proposed law would allow the state to permanently lower speed limits in school zones if a local official requests the change. A previous version of the bill also proposed tripling fines for speeding in school zones. However, under this…
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