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Are Cape May’s Beaches Dangerous?

What is making Cape May beaches dangerous? A recent WKXW report raised concerns about the safety of the beaches in Cape May. Reportedly, the safety issues date back to the early ‘90s. Until 1991, there was no beach in Cape May. That year, the Army Corps of Engineers brought in 900,000 cubic yards of sand and created what is now Cape May’s main beach. The plan going forward was to replenish the beach with sand every two years for the next 50 years. However, because of the replenishment, there has been a severe drop off created. Per WKXW, when waves crash into the Cape May beach, they chip away at the sand, resulting in the drop off. People, many of them surfers and bodysurfers, have suffered injuries because of the drop off. A bodysurfer suffered a broken neck on Poverty Beach because of the drop off in 2001. In 2012,…
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What Can Be Done to Improve School Bus Safety in Atlantic City?

The Press of Atlantic City recently featured an article regarding a 4-year-old boy who was the victim of a school bus accident. A school bus hit the child as he was crossing the street with two members of his family. The boy survived the collision, but suffered serious injuries. As of this writing, the boy was hospitalized for treatment and authorities were still investigating the cause of the wreck. Still, this accident does raise questions about school bus safety in Atlantic City. What Can Parents Do to Improve School Bus Safety for Their Children? Safe Kids Worldwide, a nonprofit organization dedicated to improving safety for children, features school bus safety tips on their website, including but not limited to the following: Take your kids to the bus stop and wait with them there until the bus arrives. While waiting at the bus stop, tell your children, stand at least three…
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What If My Wireless Carrier Cannot Connect with 911?

Recently, AT&T wireless users in several states were unable to connect with 911, per a CNN report. Due to the AT&T 911 outage, anyone who tried to use an AT&T phone to call 911 was unable to get through. Both police departments from coast to coast as well as the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) were receiving calls reporting the 911 outage. The FCC and police departments used social media to alert people about AT&T phones not being able to connect with 911. As a result, those with AT&T phones who knew about the problem had to call police departments directly for emergencies until the issue could be resolved. However, calling a non-emergency number as opposed to 911 meant that AT&T users’ locations were not visible to dispatchers. Per KTHV, during the AT&T outage, a former police chief in Arkansas died in a house fire. Reportedly, as the fire raged, several…
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