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Why Are Train Engineers Fighting NJ Transit Over DUI Law?

A 2016 NJ Transit DUI law has become the basis for legal claims being brought against New Jersey Governor Chris Christie and Attorney General Christopher Porrino. The lawsuit was filed by unions working on behalf NJ Transit train engineers who oppose the DUI law and feel it should not apply to NJ Transit employees. What Is the NJ Transit DUI Law? The rule at the center of the controversy is a state law that does not allow people whose driver’s license has been suspended because of a driving while intoxicated (DWI) conviction to operate a NJ Transit train. The NJ Transit DUI law took effect last August following a report that surfaced a few months earlier that an engineer was operating trains despite having his driver’s license suspended for 10 years after committing several drunk driving offenses. Why Is the Train Engineers’ Union Pushing Back Against the DUI Law? The…
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Is New Jersey’s Graduated Driver License Law Saving Lives?

Recently, NJTV News featured an in-depth report regarding New Jersey’s graduated driver license law and whether it is helping to prevent car accidents and save lives. What Is the Graduated Driver License Law? New Jersey’s graduated driver license (GDL) program puts certain restrictions on drivers under 21. Under the GDL law, drivers who are under 21 and attempting to get a driver license for the first time must follow a three-step process: Learner’s Permit – During this phase, the driver spends at least six months practicing driving with qualified supervision. Probationary License – Once the driver has completed the learner’s permit phase, the next phase involves obtaining a driver’s license that has restrictions, which is known as a probationary license. An example of a restriction during this phase is the driver not being allowed to drive at night. Full License – After completing the probationary license phase, drivers can obtain…
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Why New Jersey Is One of the Most Dangerous States for Drivers

Is New Jersey really one of the most dangerous states for drivers? According to a New Jersey 101.5 report, the Garden State ranked as the 8th-worst state for drivers in a survey conducted recently. What Makes New Jersey One of the Most Dangerous States for Drivers? Bankrate considered several factors when coming up with its rankings, including: Average commute time Incidents of sticker shock at car dealerships Average cost of vehicle repairs Auto insurance rates Per the New Jersey 101.5 story, New Jersey ranks poorly in a couple of the above factors. At 31 minutes, the average commute time in New Jersey is almost twice what it is in the states that have the shortest commute times. In addition, New Jersey has the highest auto insurance rates in the US, according to the National Association of Insurance Commissioners. In some cases, higher car insurance rates can stem from an…
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