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Why Coaches Should Pull Kids from Sports Games After a Concussion

Studies are showing that if kids continue playing sports after a concussion it will double their average recovery time. It can also lead to worse brain function during recovery, and even more severe long-term effects if the child was seriously injured. The study was conducted at the University of Pittsburg Medical Center. It was the first test to compare young athletes who quickly left the field/court after a head injury with young athletes who continued playing. Scientists monitored teenagers at 15 years of age, and tracked their average total recovery time. The children came from a diverse range of sports, including football, soccer and hockey. The kids who continued playing took 44 days on average to recover, while the kids who rested took only 22 days on average to recover. The players who continued to play after a head injury were on the field/court an average of only 18 minutes…
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This New Jersey School Bus Driver Was Arrested for Road Rage

A New Jersey school bus driver was recently fired after an incident of road rage. The incident involved a series of irresponsible driving maneuvers between the bus driver and a Fed Ex driver. A nearby driver recorded the video and posted it on Facebook, which prompted the school district to fire the driver for reckless driving. In the video, the bus rides closely behind the Fed Ex truck at an intersection, then dangerously swerves around it. In response, the truck swerves to the right and forces the bus farther into the oncoming lane. The entire interaction is quite frightening, especially when you consider that this bus driver is regularly entrusted with the lives of school children. The driver who recorded the video said that he continued driving behind the bus for some time, and that he watched the bus take a number of other reckless moves along the road. The…
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Hit and Run Injures Four in New Jersey Boat Accident

This past Labor Day weekend, four New Jersey residents were injured in a boat accident that the authorities are calling a case of hit and run. The police reports say what they believe was a ski boat hit another vessel and injured all four of its passengers. Both the men aboard the ship suffered from serious head injuries and are now in critical condition. The two women onboard were also injured, but the doctors say their injuries are not life threatening. Witnesses say that the boat approached extremely quickly and without warning, hit them, and then drove away before anyone had the chance to identity it. The police say that the area has a 15 mile per hour speed limit. Clearly, the unknown boat was traveling much faster than that. Police and other authorities have been on the lookout for any boats with damages, but have not yet located the…
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