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Would Installing Black Boxes Improve Safety and Help Prevent Crane Accidents?

A new development stemming from the Tribeca crane accident case could drastically improve crane safety in New York, and hopefully the rest of the country. An attorney who works for the widow of the man killed in last February’s construction accident has voiced support of a new city bill that could see black boxes installed in cranes and other heavy machinery. These black boxes are recording devices which could provide valuable information in the event of a malfunction or crash. With the information gathered by these boxes, safety officials could theoretically make more educated decisions to improve the safety of heavy equipment such as cranes. Common Causes of Crane Accidents Crane accidents can be caused by any number of factors, or a combination of them. Some of the more common causes include: Strong winds Operator error Equipment malfunction Operating in bad weather Improper training Communication breakdowns These are just some…
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Anton Yelchin’s Car May Have Been Recalled for Manufacturing Defects

Reports of beloved Star Trek actor Anton Yelchin’s tragic passing last week are freakish to say the least. In fact, if what many sources are reporting are true, it sounds like something out of a Final Destination movie. According to Rolling Stone, Yelchin, 27, was crushed between his Jeep Grand Cherokee and the wall surrounding his home. Reports indicate that Yelchin’s friends found him alone, pinned between his car and the wall at the bottom of his steep driveway, suggesting that his car rolled down the hill and struck him after he got out. Earlier this year, Jeep recalled a number of their Grand Cherokees in response to manufacturing defects; specifically, “rollaway” risks. Owners said that they would get out of the car, thinking they had put it in park, before it would roll forward, apparently staying in neutral. The voluntary recall was issued in April, and affected 2014 and…
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Can I Sue a Bar or Party Host for Serving Too Many Drinks?

New Jersey, similar to several other states in the US, has what is called a “dram shop” law. Cases involving party hosts serving too many drinks are often quite complicated, and usually require a lot of evidence and a detailed understanding of the law. Dram Shop Law in New Jersey Dram shop laws typically allow parties who are injured due to an alcohol-related accident, such as drunk driving, to file a liability claim against the bar, restaurant, casino, or any other business that served alcohol to the person who caused the injury. To be considered a dram shop case, the vender must have either served alcohol to a “visibly intoxicated” person or a patron whom the vendor should have reasonably known was under 21. An example of a dram shop case might go as follows: Johnny B. Drunk is watching the game at a local bar. His team is playing…
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