$10 Million Settlement in Paul Walker Car Accident Case

Posted on April 18, 2016 at 11:21am by

Photo of car accidentThe daughter of late Hollywood star Paul Walker was awarded what will surely be viewed a consolation from the estate of the man who was driving during the fatal car accident. Meadow Walker was awarded $10 million from the estate of Roger Rodas only days after Rodas’ widow lost her own case with Porsche over a number of alleged auto defects.

Were it not for the wrongful death of her father, 17-year-old Meadow would surely have had more support as the late star would have certainly brought in more income than the $10 million in comparison.

Rodas’ widow’s recent loss against Porsche could be a bad sign for the Walker family, but lawyers working for Meadow have said that they and their client will continue to fight to prove Porsche bears some responsibility for the fatal crash.

What Does the Paul Walker Car Accident Lawsuit Allege?

After the accident that took her father’s life, Meadow claimed that more than one auto defect was responsible for the crash.

In addition to an alleged problem with the electronic stability control system, the lawsuit says that the Porsche’s seat belts have design flaws which prohibited Walker from escaping the car after the initial crash.

According to the suit, the seat belt flaw whipped Walker backwards with thousands of pounds of force, which broke his ribs, clavicle, and pelvis. The seat belt then flattened Walker’s seat out into a horizontal position and held him down. Because of this flaw, Meadow and her attorneys say that Walker was unable to get out of the vehicle, or even move, before the car erupted into flames nearly a minute and a half later.

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