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In Atlantic City, Atlantic County and our surrounding South Jersey regions, the leading cause of death among teenagers – and the leading cause of accidental death overall – is traffic accidents. The most common causes of traffic accidents are high-speed driving, distracted drivers using cell phones, drunk drivers who are under the influence of alcohol or drugs, and inattentiveness. Typically, these accidents have a devastating impact on the lives of the individuals involved. Our Atlantic City accident attorneys have experience representing individuals who have suffered paralysis, debilitating brain injuries, severe spinal injury and other harm from such accidents. We also help clients who lost family members in wrongful deaths stemming from car, bus, motorcycle and truck accidents.

Unsurprisingly, catastrophic injuries can create a heavy financial burden on victims and their families. Auto insurance companies often deny coverage for necessary medical procedures or offer low settlements that do not cover the true cost of an accident. The possible delay in receiving medical treatment can cause worsening disability and jeopardizes your recovery. Furthermore, you may not have the ability to return to work and therefore face lost wages on top of it all. You should not have to fight with an insurance company for rightful compensation while also dealing with the medical bills, time out of work and physical limitations caused by the accident. For the Atlantic City vehicle accident attorneys at Targan & Pender, P.C., our goal is to allow our clients to focus on simply getting better.

What Are Common Types of Vehicle Accidents?

There are countless ways that someone can be injured while behind the wheel of a vehicle. Auto accidents are one of the most common reasons for personal injury claims. Nevertheless, very few people realize that after an accident, they may be eligible to receive compensation for their damages from the at-fault party.

The following are common types of vehicle accidents that our Atlantic City vehicle accident attorneys have experience handling:

  • Rear-End Collisions — These types of vehicle accidents involve one car hitting the backside of the car in front of it. Most rear-end collisions are attributed to following too closely, but there are other factors that can be involved.
  • Head-On Collisions —This is when the front end of one car hits the front end of another vehicle, often caused by a driver disobeying traffic laws (such as running a red light). These types of vehicle accidents are usually unexpected, often resulting in catastrophic injuries or wrongful death.
  • Vehicle Rollovers — Certain multi-passenger cars and pickup trucks are usually designed with a high center of gravity. This can make them vulnerable to rolling over in the event of a serious collision and cause great harm to victims.
  • Side Impact Collisions — These types of vehicle accidents often occur at intersections, and usually involve at least one driver not following the laws of traffic or avoiding traffic signs and signals. This accident is common with motorcyclists.
  • Multi-Vehicle Collisions — The more vehicles involved in a crash, the more complicated and cumbersome the insurance claim process will. This puts drivers at risk for being taken advantage of by insurance companies.
  • Hit and Run Accidents — These types of accidents are often the most traumatic and confusing for people, because the victim is left with no immediate party to pursue compensation for their injuries. In this case, much more investigation is needed — for this reason, you will benefit from having one of our experienced Atlantic City vehicle accident attorneys by your side.
  • Sideswipe Collisions — This is where the side of one car collides with another. Often caused by a careless lane change, these vehicle accidents usually produce minor damages and injuries, but can also result in a major accident.

Significant Results in New Jersey Vehicle Accident Cases

Our experience in handling complex injury cases has allowed us to provide effective representation for our clients in a wide variety of accident claims. This work has led to several significant case results. For example, we represented a teenage girl who suffered a severe traumatic brain injury when an elderly, colorblind driver ran a red light and struck her vehicle. The case required significant investigation and involvement by brain injury experts. We recovered a $2 million settlement for our client in this case.

We also represent individuals involved in bus-related accidents. For example, we represented a husband and wife who managed a motel along the Black Horse Pike in Atlantic City. One evening, a casino bus driver fell asleep at the wheel while traveling at over 40 MPH. When he woke, he realized he was about to rear-end a vehicle stopped at a red light. The bus driver veered off the road and directly into the motel, causing significant physical and psychological injuries to our clients. Complicating this case was the fact that the bus company went into bankruptcy for this and other claims. Fortunately, we located insurance and settled the claim for the available policy limit of $950,000.

In another case, an Atlantic City casino shuttle bus (also called a “jitney”) crashed into a casino wall near the parking area. Our law firm represented a mother and daughter in this case and we secured a total settlement of $785,000 that helped cover both of their damages.

In another case, we obtained a $640,000 settlement on behalf of a Pleasantville child seriously injured when struck by an elderly, visually impaired auto parts delivery driver.

No matter what your case involves, our legal team will help to identify liability and help you recover what you have lost.

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In addition to representing car, truck and bus accident victims, our personal injury attorneys will uphold the rights of those dealing with the aftermath of boating injuriesbike crashes and pedestrian accidents in and around Middle Township and Lower Township. This includes representing those hurt or who live in Rio Grande, Del Haven, Avalon and other nearby cities.

At the Atlantic City law firm of Targan & Pender, P.C., partners Donald G. Targan and Michael J. Pender both have significant experience in handling wrongful death and serious injury claims related to motor vehicle accidents. If you suffered an injury in a car, bus or truck accident, then contact the Atlantic City accident lawyers at Targan & Pender, P.C. today.